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How To Make Self Love Art

This week, intimacy coach and educator, Anna-Thea has written a guest blog for me on self love. Through her work, she helps women experience more intimacy in their relationships and gives new and powerful insights on being a woman.

Allure by Veronica Blanco

You’re a woman. You hold the divine feminine essence in your biological being. When you love yourself, you are Self Love Art.

Learn how to make self love an art and claim your divine feminine nature. Your female body is a beautiful, magnificent and magical piece of art. Claim your body as self love art by truly loving “her.”

Self Love Art & Learning How To Make Love With Yourself

How much do you really love yourself? You may love yourself in a masculine way, independent, successful in a career, maybe having raised children as a single mom. Needing to be strong and keep focused to get things done. Possibly being part of the super mom era.

But do you really love yourself in a feminine way? Do you nurture yourself in your relationship with your body and your emotions? Are you connected to your feminine side? Do you say kind, nurturing words to yourself? And do you know how to process uncomfortable emotions and give them a voice? Or do you suck it up and convince yourself it doesn’t matter. Translated could that mean… you don’t matter?

What would it take for you to have a love affair with yourself? Have you ever thought of such a thing and what would that even look like?

If you were having a love affair with yourself, you would be Self Love Art. You are beautiful and unique. There is nobody else like you on this entire planet. Not one! You are your own Picasso. Do you appreciate yourself as such? Do you have deep admiration for your sensual side?

I teach women how to love their bodies no matter what age shape or size. And I teach women to tap into the emotional wisdom of their bodies. This is a form of Self Love Art.

The Female Body Isn’t Just For Igniting Passion In Others

The female body, in an artistic form, has often ignited sexual passion in others. Female bodies throughout art history have been objects of desire and self-gratifying pleasure. Can we look at artistic forms of women’s bodies and not sexualize them?

The expression “she is a piece of art” has a negative connotation. That’s truly unfortunate. Because you truly are a piece of art. but you have been programmed to be like everyone else, to fit in. And fitting in can mean trying to have a body only 1% of the population possesses. What you may perceive as not enough here, and too much there, are not to be rejected. They are to be accepted and loved. That is how you make self love art. Love your form and the unique and extraordinary individual that you are. Learn to love yourself from the inside out.

Freeing Yourself From Body Image Issues

The absolute best thing for body image and food issues is to feel pleasure in your body. I say that pleasure is THE ANTIDOTE to body image and food issues. When you live inside your body instead of looking at it and judging it from the outside, you will enrich your life. And you will become more alive. Being in your body instead of hanging out in your head will make you more sensual. And women need sensuality. It is our elixir. And we’ve been deprived of it having been to busy being objects of another’s desire. This has disconnected us from our bodies and our emotional empowerment.

How you accept love and take care of yourself… especially emotionally can be developed as an art form. You are a piece of art! Take good care of the masterpiece that is YOU. Nurture your uniqueness. Nurture your feminine essence. Don’t put a lid on it. It is what will heal you and life you up in a world that often can bring you down.

Claim your body as sacred. Nurture and nourish your soul with feminine awakening practices. The jade egg practice is a form of self love art. Sensuality and sensual expression is a form of self love art. Honoring your female anatomy is a form of self love art.

I teach women how to have a love affair with their bodies through what I call self-pleasuring sessions. Self-pleasuring sessions can be anything that creates pleasure and delight in your body. A bath, a massage, yin yoga, yoga nidra etc. However more specifically self-pleasuring is a form of self love art that connects a woman to her sensual sexual self.

Women’s Sexuality Is Radiant

Women’s sexuality is completely different from men’s sexuality. Women need time to open. Therefore they need touch not just in one area (the genitals) but rather the whole body. I like to think of a woman’s body as one big sex organ. Yes! Your whole body is a source of sensual pleasure and delight. And most women are missing out in the sexual department.

That’s because they haven’t created a deeper more sensual/sexual connection with themselves. They have adopted a more masculine expression of their own sexuality and have suffered lack of libido and desire because of it. Women need a lot.. yes they do. Besides when they get it everyone benefits.

When a woman is turned on her energy field expands

She becomes radiant. Her divine feminine essences is shining out to all around her. When she feels pleasure and I mean expansive pleasure not just a quick release in her genitals, she becomes a beautiful agent for positive change. No victim energy is this type of woman. She is creative, playful and filled with joy. She feels confident in her body no matter what shape, age or size she is.

Learning to love yourself and the deeper richer divine feminine aspects within you is a lifelong process. And it is a process well worth learning. Stop wasting your time buying into societies or your childhood programming that you’re not good enough. Start learning how to love you like never before. It can be fun and powerfully transformative.

You are a piece of art! And I mean that in a good way. Claim you, your body and your sexuality as the most amazing thing in your life. Because you are. Let yourself shine with greater self love and self-acceptance.

I’m Anna-Thea an author and educator. If you would like to find out more about how you can reclaim your body and learn the art of self love check out her online courses.

This article was originally published at Reprinted with permission from the author.

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