How I Package My Art!

I love the ease of online shopping and being on the other side of it now where I’m selling products, I thought I’d give a little run through on how I package my artwork. Each time you order one of my watercolour paintings, drawings and prints these are the steps I go through to make sure you get my art in the same condition that I created it! 1) All prints, drawings and watercolour paintings are packaged in 8 15/16” x 11 ¼” Crystal Clear acid-free plastic bags. Prints and watercolour paintings are signed on the front and name with year printed on the back.

2) Artwork is placed between 2 sheets of 9” x 12” 5mm thick foamboard, 2 sheets are then taped together.

3) Artwork is placed in an envelope with a handwritten thank you note and one of my business cards included. Then ready to be mailed out!

Information regarding ordering and shipping times can be found here. For any questions regarding your order or any product, feel free to contact me.

~Check out my latest Instagram post for a little video of this process.

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