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Seasons Collection


Over the past year, I started my day with a walk in the nearby ravine alongside my dog, immersing myself in its breathtaking beauty. I observed the cyclical transformations of the seasons, from the quiet death, to the vibrant growth of new life, and then back to the inevitable cycle of renewal.

Each piece in this collection is a tribute to the changing seasons.

Springtime whispers through my work with the blues of a clear sky and the yellows of new life emerging. Fall speaks through the warm embrace of maple leaves and the intricate dance of twigs and pine cones.

The Process

Twigs and leaves became my tools, creating a direct link between my art and the organic elements that inspired it.

I hope that you can feel the gentle rustle of leaves, the cool breeze of spring, and the warmth of autumn as you immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of "Seasons."

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