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TANTRA WISDOM: Holding Onto Intimacy

Intimacy is a loaded word with many different levels and meanings. It is everywhere and is a journey of discovery into the relationship of life. It can be a close association or deep understanding to a subject, place or even a time in history. It can be the quality of being comfortable, warm and familiar. It can be the closeness one has to an instrument. There are many things that can help us keep the intimacy alive such as honoring and loving pets, people and valuing the experiences in life that we live. Showing affection, compassion and empathy are ways to connect and stir up the intimacy within. Connecting to nature is also part of intimacy. To be intimate is to be close to another person whereby you share openly your feelings and emotions. It is essentially letting your guard down and trusting your boundaries. Intimacy is not only romantic love or sexual with a partner but also is present amongst close family members and personal friends. It is a process which takes time to develop, understand and open up to. It takes community and village to harness and keep it alive. Intimacy begins with a thought and then makes its way to the heart. The heart is where emotions begin. Intimacy can be cognitive and intellectual where two people share personal thoughts and ideas. It is also an experiential activity that two people can share in the rhythm of a dance without touch or words or such as riding horses and following the same beat, the same rhythm in a harmonious moment of togetherness. Then of course the most familiar and talked about intimacy is that of sexual.

Intimacy is about aligning feelings with experiences and putting that into words. Romantic intimacy can be most challenging because it is not that easy for some to express the words of love in the passionate moment. But if we practice intimacy in other areas of our life experiences then romantic sexual intimacy can develop easier. Intimacy does not just begin in the bedroom it starts with yourconnection to all people and community.

Understanding and opening up to your own feelings at any given moment is the beginning of experiencing self love. Self love is being with those feelings of sadness, happiness and accepting them as yours. This level of intimacy is profound in dealing with a partner. There are ways to achieve greater levels of intimacy in any relationship. Start with communication and expressing what is on your mind and encouraging the other person to do the same. Using the “I feel" words in phrases and bonding while looking in the eyes of all people not only your partner is one way to get your feelings to open. Knowing that where there is anger there is sadness and there is intimate emotions waiting to live on. Live your intimacy in every way possible. It’s all about “letting love in”

To learn how to hold onto intimacy explore Tantra Wisdom with Anita

Anita DeFranceso

Anita DeFrancesco, M.A. Founder Tantra Wisdom. Modern Sex & Relationship Coach, Somatic Psychotherapist, Author of “Live Free”. Podcast:Mindfulness-Sexuality- Relationships. Based Philadelphia - Bicoastal Los Angeles. A visionary leader with an insightful wisdom in the areas of self empowerment, self discovery, and transformation. A devotee of the human condition, emotional awareness, sexuality and relationships. Facebook Group Tantra Wisdom

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