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My Bullet Journal

Before it was colouring books, now it’s bullet journals. You’ve probably already seen the countless images on Pinterest or blogs on how to design one and well, I thought I’d join in and share you my bullet journal. Now I must admit, at first I wasn’t interested in the idea of these dotted journals but after searching through several agendas at Chapters I realized I needed a journal I could design on my own. The ones in the store didn't have the pages I needed or appropriate space. I ended up taking the bullet, buying one of these odd dotted journals and spending the next few days designing it. It’s certainly helping me stay organized and on top of my schedule!

At the beginning of the journal I’ve designed the calendar months and filling in the days with major events ie. Blog posts and newsletter deadlines, holidays and events. I’ve also listed an overview of what I’d like to accomplish that month. (these images are from previous months)

Veronica Blanco Bullet Journal

Next is the weekly schedule where I go into specifics of any deadlines and plans for the day. It’s a good way of reminding myself on any submission deadlines or how much time I should give myself to finish a project. As you can tell, I generally leave the weekends as my free time and focus on getting as many tasks as possible Monday through Friday.

Veronica Blanco Bullet Journal

Followed by the weekly schedule are my newsletter brainstorming pages.

Veronica Blanco Bullet Journal

Then there’s specific pages for notes on blog ideas, social media contests and brainstorming pages for designs, flyers and illustrations.

Veronica Blanco Bullet Journal
Veronica Blanco Bullet Journal

I’ve left the last several pages blank to leave room for notes. (I’m constantly reading and listening to artist interviews, podcasts and Lynda courses on SEO building and marketing strategies).

Veronica Blanco Bullet Journal

I’d definitely recommend creating a bullet journal if you’re not able to find a design on the printed journals/agendas out there. It’s a perfect way to make a planner that fits your lifestyle. It’s also way easier to use than any mobile calendar app!


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