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Reconnecting With Sex and Creativity Through Somatic Sex Education

Why is it that human beings are so moved by creative expression, by nature or a beautiful work of art? What is it about these experiences that opens us to a deeper sense of wonder, beauty and meaning? Similarly, what is it about sex that we find so compelling?

These are the rare moments in our lives when we are given permission to step outside our rational, analytical way of being, and open into heartfelt, embodied visceral experience. It can be a moment of no-thought, of unified experience beyond words that cannot be dissected. Sexuality and creativity stem from the same intuitive, visceral core that compels us to express and connect. And this experience always takes place in the body rather than the mind.

As children we understand the nature of embodiment and creativity. We create things for the sheer joy of it, get our hands dirty, and learn about the world through direct physical contact. We feel our emotions fully and deeply, and display it on our bodies without censorship. We are intimately connected with our deepest impulses, our physical needs and inner states. Then through conditioning, we slowly begin to forget this wisdom. We are taught to sit still in school and to pay more attention to our books than the urge to move and play. As we sit and memorize information, we start to believe that all authority comes from outside ourselves and thus lose touch with our own intuition. By the time we reach adulthood, sexuality can become an anxiety ridden and disembodied attempt to mimic the ‘correct’ thing. We watch and judge ourselves as spectators and try to think our way through the experience, rather than acting with the wisdom of our bodies.

The process of reconnecting with our sexuality is fundamentally a creative path. We must tap into the body and reclaim the vital energy that allows us spontaneity, presence and intuition. When we reclaim this wisdom, we open up a long-lost dimension of experience. It is a process of shedding conditioning and finding authenticity. It is a process of allowing our bodies to hold expanding states of physical and emotional pleasure without contracting into shame and self- doubt.

Somatic Sex Education offers a holistic paradigm, one that explores subjective experience and relationships, rather than prescriptive methods of right and wrong. It offers students an opportunity to examine the nuances of their sexuality and rewrite their personal story. And it does this by speaking directly to the body.

Somatic Sex Education invites us to engage the body in a dialogue to uncover our deepest fears and desires, to become familiar with our boundaries, and to expand our capacity for joy and pleasure. Through active engagement of the senses and conscious use of breath, sound and movement, students gain deeper awareness of their habitual pathways, and learn new ways to begin shifting their responses. Sessions address themes such as shame, anxiety, disconnection, and trauma. Students are invited to set an intention for the work, and focus on coming into deeper alignment. As this unfolds, new intentions may emerge, creating a process of never ending growth and exploration. Connection with sexuality fosters creativity and connection with all life. When this way of being is nourished, it fosters a reciprocal cycle of inspiration and inner fullness that brings richness and depth beyond words.

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Monica Kovacs is a certified Somatic Sex Educator, yoga teacher and energy worker. Through years of study of Tantra and Taoist sexuality, she brings an integrative approach that seeks to empower clients and help them achieve their highest erotic potential. Her practice is trauma informed, body-positive, and celebrates all expressions of gender, sexuality and relationship styles.

Monica Kovacs

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