Australia 2017

I just came back from the most beautiful country, Australia. As I'm sitting here writing this blog post in my cold, Canadian winter room, I'm definitely dealing with the post vacation blues. Especially since my boyfriend is still there surfing, eating delicious seafood and enjoying the 30+ degrees weather. But enough of the sad talk, it's time to reflect on the positive and share my experiences with you all. At the end of November, me, my boyfriend Jarvis and two friends left for our 18 day vacation. It started with a 4 day stopover in Hong Kong where we saw the markets, times square, Lan Kwai Fong, Victoria Peak etc. all while stuffing ourselves with their food. It was the first time I've been to Asia and of course it was a huge culture shock.

View from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

On December 4th we landed in Sydney and while I was sick with a cold, I didn't let that stop me from exploring the city. That first day we got the major tourist things out of the way: visiting the zoo to see the Kangaroos, Koalas, snakes and lizards; taking pictures of the Sydney harbour bridge and Sydney opera house; and we visited local pubs and gambled on the Australian pokies.

Sydney harbour bridge and Sydney opera house

Over the next few days Jarvis took us around the country showing us the places he grew up and the pubs and beaches he visited. We spent nights in 8 different places all along the east coast: Sydney, Greenwell Point, Singleton, Lawrence, Byron Bay, Tannum Sands, Agnes Water and finally in Brisbane.

Our Australia 2017 Vacation Stops

I learned how to boogie board, fish (and managed to catch a flathead!), bet on horse and dog races, play bowls, locate the saucepan constellation and even learned the proper way of eating a meat pie (yes there is a technique).

Catching crab and a flathead

Looking back now, we really did do a lot during the two weeks we were there. I'm so thankful I had the experience and I'm thankful to Jarvis for driving us around the country and to his family for letting us stay over. We only got a taste of the country but enough to know it's a country filled with beautiful landscapes and beaches, the best seafood, the cutest and the scariest animals and kindest people.

One of the many beautiful Australian coastlines, Little Blowhole

Hiking to Minyon Falls, a total of 3 hours. We saw a goanna on the way that hissed at us!

These signs were everywhere!

Spotted Kangaroos along the drive in someone's yard

Fishing at Greenwell Point

Hands down, the best oysters I've ever had are at Greenwell Point

A jug of fire engine please

One of the many beautiful beaches

Meat Pie, Lamington, Sausage Roll

On our last night in Australia, we had drinks by the Brisbane bridge!

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