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25th Birthday and a Tequila Tasting

For a couple years now I've been enjoying the fine taste of tequila -yes, it's possible! Scouting every tequila bar in Toronto and going through the tequila menus at Mexican restaurants, I've acquired quite the taste. So for my 25th birthday, I invited my friends out for a tequila tasting at El Caballito.

Now, most of my friends only drink tequila the wrong way (shooting it down followed by a salty lick of lime), so of course before the tasting they were a bit apprehensive. It is possible to enjoy tequila neat just as you would with whiskey. The key is to have an 100% agave blend and an aged tequila. There's four main types: blanco (aged up to 60 days), reposado (aged 60 days to a year), añejo (aged 1 to 3 years) and extra añejo (aged more than 3 years). At the tasting, we tried the El Major blanco, Los Azulejos reposado and my favourite, the Don Julio 1942 añejo. The 1942 was definitely the favourite for everyone that night; it's extraordinarily smooth and has hints of vanilla and caramel. (NOTE: these were all fine tequilas and we did not wake up with a hangover the next morning!) It was a great night and I would definitely recommend trying a tequila tasting, especially if your only experience with it are shots of blancos!

Veronica Blanco Tequila Tasting

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