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My Moments in Love Solo Show!

Veronica Blanco Moments in Love solo art show

Moments in Love solo art show Veronica Blanco

Moments in Love Veronica Blanco art solo show

Last Sunday my Moments in Love show officially wrapped up and I'd say I had a very successful solo show.

Three framed watercolour paintings were sold on the opening night:

"Soft, Strong and Secure" was the first to get taken off the wall! This is a very personal piece and I'm glad it's new owner shared the same emotion about this delicate watercolour.

Soft, Strong and Secure watercolour Veronica Blanco

"Always There for You" was next to find a new home with Ernesto. He is a second time buyer and I'm so happy he's building a collection of my pieces. It was wonderful seeing him again and meeting his fiancé.

Veronica Blanco watercolour painting Always There For You

"Guilty Pleasure" was next to leave with Antonella. I've known Antonella on Instagram for a couple years now; she's always been a supporter and even won my 2k Instagram giveaway. It was lovely finally meeting her and I'm delighted "Guilty Pleasure" will go home with her.

Veronica Blanco watercolour painting Guilty Pleasure

Throughout the opening night I was selling raffle tickets to giveaway "Great Queen #4" The lucky winner was announced at the end of the night.

Veronica Blanco Great Queen #4

Veronica Blanco Great Queen #4

Veronica Blanco Great Queen #4

On Saturday, only a day before my show closed, "Kiss" was sold! This acrylic painting I made in ___ and was one of the first pieces in my career. Its the second ever acrylic painting in my love and relationships body of work. It's definitely been a favourite and although I'm sad to see it go, I am happy that's it's finally found a home (and left my bedroom wall!)

Veronica Blanco Moments in Love exhibition

Thank you to those who came out to see the show, especially those who attended the opening reception. I had such a great time, words cannot express how wonderful it felt hearing comments about my work. I'm so happy some were able to connect with my pieces and reminded them of their own experiences and provoked emotion. That's one of the main reasons why I paint and exhibit my work in public. It was a successful show not just because I sold four paintings, but because I accomplished my goal as an artist.

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