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Submit Your Photos!

Get your camera phones ready because I’m holding a photo submission contest this month! Please DM me on Instagram any photos of you or you with your significant other you would like me to paint! I know that by asking this I’m opening the door for some very interesting (to say the least) photos. But I’m mainly doing this so that my online supporters can be more involved in my artwork :)

The final watercolour painting results will be announced in an upcoming blog on April 26th. Those selected will be messaged by me before that date. ~By sending me your photos you consent to being painted and represented in a watercolour painting. Please keep in my mind my watercolour painting style and be aware that I will not be painting a realistic portrait. ~~I will not be sending your photos to anyone. ~~ If you would like me to post your photo beside the final painting please let me know. Genital areas will be blurred. ~~Models will not be paid or given the painting but can be purchased online on my website.

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