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New Year’s Resolution?

My 2017 new year’s resolutions won’t be to go to the gym everyday because we all know that’s not going to happen! Instead, this year I have one goal—to focus more time on creating large acrylic paintings.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be creating at least 5 watercolour paintings each month but I’ll dedicate more of my time to producing large acrylic paintings. The small watercolour paintings I’m working on are a fun and quick exercise for me as they help me figure out colour schemes and abstract form. I’ve definitely noticed my watercolour paintings influencing my style with acrylics –all for the better of course! I’ve always considered myself an acrylic painter, I love the texture I can achieve and the speed to work at and I definitely miss it. I'm sad to admit that I didn't spend much of 2016 creating acrylic paintings. I’m the happiest when I have a large 4 feet by 5 feet canvas in front of me and acrylic paint on my hands :) Bring on 2017!

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