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Lerners Art Fundraiser

On Thursday November 3rd I attended the Lerners Art Fundraiser where I auctioned off my acrylic painting, “Toronto Love”. The auction was hosted by Lerners LLP to raise money for Parkdale Community Legal Services, a clinic that runs programs addressing violence against women.

Toronto Love by Veronica Blanco
Lerners Art Fundraiser

There were two walls with the artwork on display, treats from local vendors, and even virtual reality painting by We Paint Live! I’ve always been interested in virtual reality, I’ve never played any VR games but did go on the Oculus Rift when a Game of Thrones exhibit came to Toronto years ago. I was curious and gave it a shot. It’s as if you’re stepping into Photoshop, a world of pixels and endless possibilities. I only had about 3 minutes but that’s enough to keep me hooked! Now I’d like to have my own virtual reality gear!

Veronica Blanco Virtual Reality Painting by We Paint Live
Veronica Blanco Virtual Reality Painting by We Paint Live

Overall, I’m so grateful I was a part of the event. I helped raise money for a great cause, stepped my foot into virtual reality and even met the collector who bought my painting!

Veronica Blanco at Lerners Art Fundraiser

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