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An Artist at 4 Years Old

I'm often asked how long I've been making art for and I always answer, "since I was a child!" It's true, I've been exhibiting my work since graduating with a BFA in 2014 but I've always been creating since the time I could hold a crayon in my hand!

Veronica Blanco Painting

Here are a few examples of my childhood art. Some are way too cute, I had to share!

Here's one of the first drawings I made that's still in good condition. It's a family portrait I drew when I was about 4 years old. The drawing includes my father, brother, mother and myself on the right. The green bird in the sky is my bird Pancho I had at the time and the dog on the left is a dog I dreamed of having one day.

I was clearly a child who did not colour within the lines, I still don't!

A little drawing I gave to my parents as a Christmas gift. I still remember the set of fine liner markers I had!

On my free time I would make calendars and schedule future play dates with my older brother. I probably drew this when I was about 9 years old, when I got my dog Rex and kept drawing him constantly!

I was one of the first ones to make colouring books!

To end off, here's a little comic I made that includes my older brother and I. I'm not quite sure what it means!

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