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Vote for me for the Thriving Artist Award!

2016 ETA Awards #ThrivingArtist Round 1 Voting

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be participating in this year’s Emerging Toronto Artists Awards! The award show will take place on October 21st at District 28 in Toronto. A Pre-Show Exhibit will take place on September 22nd and 23rd at the Super Wonder Gallery, more information about the Pre-show will be announced at a later date! At the awards show on October 21st, I will have a booth set up with my watercolour paintings, drawings and acrylic paintings. This will be my third time participating at the ETA Awards and I’m as excited as I was for the first one in 2014! There is currently an online voting competition via Facebook happening right now! I am a part of the group of artists who have a shot at winning #ThrivingArtist award at the 2016 ETA Awards! Please visit the link here to vote for my image, “Kiss in the Rain” and help me be placed in the Top 16! And if you haven’t already liked my Facebook page, please do as I will be sharing and posting content about the ETA Awards on there.

Veronica Blanco Thriving Artist vote

This will be round one of the voting competition which closes on August 19th. The top 16 will then move onto round two. Guidelines:

-Voters must be on Facebook, the pole is conducted exclusively through it. -Voters can only vote ONCE in each round. -Voters must complete the pole in its entirety for it to be valid.

Taken from the ETA Awards:

" A Thriving Artist represents positivity, encourages their peers, has a missile-focused mindset and utilizes the networks around them, in an effort promote themselves while supporting others. The Thriving Artist is driven by their passions and is liberated by the opportunity to be an entrpreneur, supporting themselves every day simply by doing what they love.

The design of this awards category in our event, is to identify and reward artists who maximize their audience/social reach by building a following - through social networking, skill/talent, brand & online/in person salesmanship. "

It would really mean a lot to me if you voted! The support I have been receiving from all of you so far has been incredible! :)

Emerging Toronto Artists Awards

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